Why an OB/GYN Specific EHR is Better Than a Robust One

OB/GYN-specific EHR

If you’re a gynecologist or obstetrician and want to streamline your practice management, EHR management, and practice workflow, then you should be looking for an EHR software that is specific for OBGYN clinics. 

OB/GYN-specific EHR software is specialized software that is tailor-made for obstetricians and gynecologists. So choosing this type of software not only streamlines practice management and billing but also ensures patient safety and improves care.

Patients can be offered the best diagnosis and treatment through a powerful set of features that can enhance patient outcome levels.

Running an OBGYN clinic requires specialized tools that fit your practice needs. This includes choosing an EHR solution that is turnkey for OBGYN practices. With digiChart’s specialized OBGYN software solution, you can implement EHR software already optimized to your practice needs as it is specifically designed with those needs in mind. 

Here’s why you should be looking for an OBGYN-specific EHR over a robust one.

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How OB/GYN EMR Software Benefits a Gynecology Practice

OB/GYN EHR software systems have specific features best suited for a gynecology practice, such as ultrasound and imaging integrations, and patient charts with OB/GYN-specific templates. This dashboard displays relevant information for OB clinics and much more. 

An OB/GYN health system will provide crucial practice management features and interoperability. Your EHR solution should have a wide range of capabilities, including clinical messaging, ePrescriptions, fast and efficient electronic lab order management, clinical documentation tools, and document management. 

Using OB/GYN EMR software gives gynecologists the ability to electronically scan, capture and/or attach ultrasound images through built-in integrations. It can also organize paper charts, X-rays, and medical drawings that you’re already working with. 

With OB/GYN-specific patient charts, obstetricians can access and leverage a customized clinical dashboard that gives easy access to information like patient histories, clinical test results, and vital changes. Easily access the prenatal detail needed to document blood pressure and fetal heart rate from visit to visit or other important women’s health concerns like breast exams, pelvic exams, and more.

It is easy to think that running a good practice comes down to the level of care you provide. However, this quality of care can be seriously impacted by an EHR that introduces inefficiencies. 

Not only do OB/GYN-specific EMRs improve practices, but they also lead to better work environments, fewer burnt-out doctors, and more opportunities for enhancing patient care. 

Gynecologists can easily maintain their patient profiles, access patients’ pregnancy and prenatal care histories, and interface with patient labs, radiology, and e-prescription services. 

They can do all of this through cloud EHR, which is available in OB/GYN-specific EHR software as well. Whether you want to access medical billing software securely while at home or you prefer to move through your primary care clinic without being tied to a desk, cloud storage helps you do that. 

And with telehealth software, expecting moms can quickly access the care they need without needing to travel to the OB/GYN office for a visit. 

digiChart’s OB/GYN-specific software is the only one with medical billing, so now practices can access key features found in robust EHRs, including patient portals, integrated medical billing, and cloud access to patient data. Don’t think you have to compromise when it comes to EHR software. 

OB/GYN EHR Carry Practice Specific Features In Addition to Robust Features

digiChart EHR for OB/GYN Clinics maximizes productivity and enhances patient care, with features, functionalities, and OB/GYN procedural templates that are designed to create the best workflow to meet practice needs.

An EHR with OB/GYN specific features will have standard OB/GYN clinical encounter templates for SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan), C-section, pregnancy, ultrasound, prenatal, postpartum, pelvic exam, breast exam, and many more. By looking for an EHR with this feature built-in, your practice will minimize time documenting patient encounters. 

You can also easily create customized templates, documentation, and forms that are compliant with ACOG standards. 

Other key features include:

  • OB Flowsheet to easily identify active pregnancy cases. With this interactive document, enter visit notes, document exams, update diagnoses and lab/ultrasound results, and book follow-up appointments from one screen.
  • Electronic access to Antepartum records (forms A through U), keeping the progress in the EMR software with no manual transcription required
  • Cloud data storage support, so you can access critical patient data from the Labor and Delivery department.
  • Customizable treatment plans so you can reuse assessment and plan documentation features using commonly used diagnosis codes, procedure codes, medications, and educational materials. 
  • A high level of data customization, so you can easily find and track key information for pregnant patients fast
  • Enhanced appointment features, with automated reminders that eliminate manual administrative overhead and keep your patients on schedule
  • Simpler patient charts, so data can be collected in ways that improve blood pressure and fetal heart rate tracking and the ability to mark only exceptions
  • Integrations with medical billing and revenue cycle management, including OB/GYN-specific medical coding and health policy integration
  • Unique patient experience management through a practice-specific patient portal


Another key advantage to OB/GYN-specific EHR software is that this software also assists in identifying common preventive examinations and other gynecological problems.

OBGYN-specific EHR Software With Medical Billing and ​​Revenue Cycle Management

Medical billing is becoming a fundamental aspect of running a medical practice, including an obstetrician and/or gynecology practice. For HIPPA compliance and MIPS reporting, choosing an EHR software that streamlines medical billing and keeps you compliant is very important. 

digitChart software is the only OB/GYN specialty EHR that offers medical billing services. 

Our software can link your EHR’s clinical information with OB/GYN ICD-10 certified coders to help you achieve greater accuracy, better documentation, and more timely payments. 

OB/GYN-specific medical billing software can provide:

  • Optimized revenue streams
  • Streamlined collections
  • Billing compliance
  • Fewer denials


With an OB/GYN EHR that is MIPS and MACRA certified, they will also provide OB/GYN-specific features for MIPS reporting so that you can easily claim the performance categories relevant to your business. 

Physician practices can improve billing processes with EHR software that has revenue cycle management features. This software can:

  • Improve rates of first-time payments
  • Reduce payment dates in A/R
  • Speed up charge entry turnaround and payment posting
  • Reduce cycle time 
  • Provide faster, more accurate processing and denials resolution claims
  • Link rich clinical documentation to minimize manual processes

Focused OB-GYN EHR Technology for Women's Wellness

If you’ve decided to implement gynecology and obstetrics EMR software for your practice then it is important to make sure that the software system is user-friendly. 

A hard-working EHR is a critical piece of your OB/GYN clinic’s patient care system. digiChart is up to the task. 

Offering an OB/GYN specific workflow, customizable templates, an integrated patient portal, cloud access to patient records, documentation by exception, and robust revenue cycle management features, digiChart can drastically improve proficiency, patient care and satisfaction, and optimize the reimbursement schedule. 

From tracking pregnancy stages to efficiently managing women’s health preventive care, digiChart EHR is not just another piece of software; it’s a tool forged in the crucible of real-life medical practice.

Contact us to request a demo and learn how we can transform your OB/GYN practice.