Patient Chart

The “Patient Chart” in the Digichart EMR application is a comprehensive digital record of a patient’s health history and medical care. It’s a crucial tool for healthcare providers, allowing them to access and manage a wide range of patient information in one centralized location.

Key aspects of the "Patient Chart" feature include:


The patient chart includes a detailed record of the patient’s demographic information, medical history, allergies, medications, lab results, imaging studies, and more. This information is crucial for healthcare providers to make informed decisions about patient care.

OBGYN Specific Features

The Digichart EMR application is designed specifically for OB GYN practices, and the patient chart includes features tailored to this specialty. For example, it distinguishes between OB (obstetrics) and GYN (gynecology) patients and includes specific sections for prenatal care, gynecological history, and more.


The patient chart in Digichart is dynamic, meaning it can display different types of information based on the patient’s needs and the healthcare provider’s preferences. For example, it can display alerts for allergies and clinical reminders, historical information such as last pap smear or mammogram, and any surgeries the patient has had.

Integration with Other Features

The patient chart is integrated with other features of the Digichart EMR application, such as the appointment scheduler, electronic prescription system, and lab order tracking. This ensures a seamless workflow, with all patient-related information and tasks accessible in one place.

Security and

The patient chart is designed with security and privacy in mind. Access to the chart is controlled based on user roles and permissions, ensuring that patient information is only accessible to authorized individuals. The application also complies with healthcare privacy regulations to protect patient information.

Ease of

The patient chart is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage patient information. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage patient care.

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