digiChart EHR Welcome Screen

The Global Welcome Screen in the Digichart EMR application serves as the primary interface when users first log into the system. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the most critical information and functions, making it a central hub for users to navigate the system.

Key aspects of the "Welcome Screen" feature include:

Patient Information

This section offers a snapshot of the patient’s vital details like name, age, gender, and critical medical info for swift reference by healthcare providers.

Useful Links

The screen offers speedy access to applications sections like appointments, patient records, billing, and more, streamlining navigation and saving time.

OBGYN Resources

It offers OB GYN practices tailored resources like best practices, research updates, and guidelines to stay current in their field.

Notifications & Alert

The Global Welcome Screen can show crucial notifications and alerts, preventing important messages and tasks from being missed.


The Welcome Screen can be customized, letting users adjust layout, displayed info, and preferences to match their unique needs and workflow.

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