Medical Check-In System

The “Medical Check-In System” in the Digichart EMR application is a feature designed to streamline the process of checking in patients and managing their care. It’s a crucial tool for enhancing efficiency, improving patient experience, and ensuring that all necessary information is captured and accessible.

Key aspects of the "Medical Check-In System" feature include:

Patient Info Bar

This feature provides a quick overview of the patient’s key information at the top of the screen. This could include the patient’s name, age, reason for visit, and any critical medical alerts. Having this information readily available helps healthcare providers prepare for the visit and ensures that they are aware of any important issues

Ease of Use

The medical check-in system is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to check in patients, view their information, and manage their care. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage patient visits.

Exchange Folder for Secure Messaging

The system includes a feature for secure messaging between healthcare providers. This could be used for discussing the patient’s care, sharing updates, or coordinating tasks. By providing a platform for direct communication within the application, it helps to streamline workflows and improve coordination among the team.

Patient Summary

The patient summary page includes a comprehensive record of all previous activity, notes, visits, and encounters. This provides a complete picture of the patient’s care history, helping healthcare providers make informed decisions about their care. The summary page can also include upcoming appointments, reminders for follow-up care, and other important information.

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