Logging Out and Exiting Options

The “Logging Out and Exiting Options” in the Digichart EMR application are essential features designed to ensure the security and privacy of patient information and system data.

Key aspects of the "Logging Out and Exiting Options" feature include:

Logging Out

This option allows users to securely log out of the Digichart EMR application. Logging out is an important practice when the user is finished using the system or is leaving their workstation, as it prevents unauthorized access to sensitive patient information and system data. The system may also have an auto-logout feature, which automatically logs out users after a period of inactivity.

Exiting the Application

This option allows users to completely close the Digichart EMR application. Exiting the application not only logs the user out but also closes the application on the device. This is particularly useful when the user is finished with their tasks for the day or when the device is going to be used by someone else.


Both logging out and exiting the application are critical for maintaining the security of the system. By ensuring that users log out or exit when they’re not using the system, the application helps prevent unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

User Convenience

These options are designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible, typically located in a prominent place in the application’s interface. This makes it easy for users to log out or exit the application as needed.

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