Healthcare Providers and Staff System

The “Healthcare Providers and Staff System” in the Digichart EMR application is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline workflows and enhance communication among healthcare providers and staff. It provides a centralized platform for managing patient care and administrative tasks, improving efficiency and coordination within the practice.

Key aspects of the "Healthcare Provider And Staff System" feature include:

Test Results Management

This system allows healthcare providers and staff to view and manage test results. New test results can be routed to the appropriate users, ensuring that critical information is promptly reviewed and acted upon. This feature helps to expedite patient care and reduces the risk of missed or delayed diagnoses.

Documentation Review

The system provides a platform for reviewing and managing patient documentation. This could include medical histories, consultation notes, treatment plans, and more. Having all this information in one place facilitates comprehensive patient care and ensures that all healthcare providers have access to the same information.

Inter-Office Communications

The system facilitates secure and efficient communication between healthcare providers and staff. This could include messaging features, task assignment, and more. Effective communication is crucial for coordinating patient care and managing workflows within the practice.

Charge Release to Practice Management System

The system allows for the release of charges to the practice management system. This feature streamlines the billing process, ensuring that all services provided are accurately recorded and billed.

Electronic Prescription Information

The system includes features for managing electronic prescription information. This can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance patient safety by ensuring that all prescriptions are accurately recorded and easily accessible.

Test Result Entry
and Lab Order Tracking

The system allows for the entry of test results and the tracking of lab orders. This ensures that all test results are accurately recorded and that lab orders are completed in a timely manner.

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