Global Options, Reports, Documents, and Help:

The “Global Options, Reports, Documents, and Help” feature in the Digichart EMR application is a comprehensive tool that provides users with a wide range of functionalities to manage their practice more effectively. It’s designed to enhance user experience, improve workflow, and provide necessary support.

Key aspects of the "Global Options, Reports, Documents, and Help" feature include:

Global Options

This section allows users to manage various settings and preferences for the application. This could include user account settings, system configurations, and other customizable options that can tailor the application to the specific needs of the practice.


The application includes a robust reporting feature that allows users to generate various types of reports. These could include patient reports, billing reports, performance reports, and more. The reporting feature is designed to provide insights into the practice’s operations and patient care, supporting data-driven decision-making.


The Digichart EMR application provides a centralized location for managing various types of documents. This could include patient education materials, practice policies, procedure manuals, and more. The document management feature allows users to upload, organize, and access these documents easily, improving efficiency and ensuring that important information is readily available.


The application includes a comprehensive help section that provides resources and support for users. This could include user manuals, how-to guides, FAQs, and other resources that can help users understand and utilize the application effectively. The help section may also provide information about software updates, release notes, and other important updates about the application.

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