Electronic Prescription Information, Inter-Office Communications, Test Result Entry, and Lab Order Tracking

The Digichart EMR application includes several key features designed to streamline operations and improve patient care in OB GYN practices. These include Electronic Prescription Information, Inter-Office Communications, Test Result Entry, and Lab Order Tracking.

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Electronic Prescription Information

This feature allows healthcare providers to manage prescriptions electronically. It enables providers to write, review, and send prescriptions directly from the application to the pharmacy. This not only reduces paperwork but also minimizes errors associated with handwritten prescriptions. It can also track prescription history, allowing providers to review a patient's medication regimen over time and make informed decisions about their treatment plan.


Inter-Office Communications

The application includes a built-in communication system that facilitates secure messaging between healthcare providers and staff. This feature can be used for discussing patient care, assigning tasks, sharing updates, and more. By providing a platform for direct communication within the application, it helps to streamline workflows and improve coordination among the team.

Lab test

Test Result Entry

The Digichart EMR application allows for the direct entry of test results into the system. This feature ensures that all test results are accurately recorded and readily accessible within the patient's electronic medical record. It can also alert healthcare providers when new test results are available, ensuring timely review and follow-up.


Lab Order Tracking

The application includes a feature for tracking lab orders. This allows healthcare providers and staff to monitor the status of lab orders, from the time they are placed until the results are received. This feature helps to ensure that lab orders are completed in a timely manner and that no orders are overlooked.

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